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Glass Armonica Players

All the armonica players I can find:

Alastair Galbraith (New Zeland)

Alexander Marguerre (London?)

Alisa Nakashian (Boston, MA)

Carolinn Skyler (Philadelphia, PA)

Cecilia Brauer (New York, NY)

Celia Canty (Hawaii). She calls it a 'glass harp' (she mainly plays the 'regular' harp) but from
her picture you can see that the glass instrument she plays is a glass armonica.

Christa and Gerald Schoenfeldinger (Austria)

Dean Shostak (Williamsburg, PA)

Dennis James (Tacoma, WA?)

Greg Temmer ( (Fort Collins, CO)

Jean-Claude Chapuis (France)

Korn (the rock group)

Lynn Drye (Scottsdale, AZ)

Martin Hilmer (Germany)

Mayling Garcia (Albuquerque, NM)

Sascha Reckert (Germany)

Thomas Bloch (France) In French and English.

Vera Meyer (Boston, MA)

William Zeitler (Los Angeles, CA)

Yatri (Lenox, MA)

Musical Glasses Players

Alexander Zoltan Prague

Brien Engel Atlanta, GA

Crystal Trio (Siberia, Russia)

Robert Tiso


Finkenbeiner, Inc. Scientific glassblowing, armonica makers.

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin on-line The complete correspondence to/from Franklin. Searchable. Historic and contemporary art glass from around the world.