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Another Appeal for Help

Date: 1783, Oct 17
From: Marianne Davies (Florence)
To: BF (Paris)

Marianne Davies hasn't received a reply from her letter to Franklin of April 26, 1783, and wonders if he received it.

Dear Sir

I took the liberty of writing You a Letter last April to enquire after your Health. At the same time (not doubting the continuation of your friendship) I made so free as to trouble You with some account of my present Situation, entreating your Advice but I am so unfortunate as never to have had any Answer. I have been and am still in the greatest Anxiety imaginable on this account and can only conclude that either the said Letter or your Answer must have miscarried: for surely had You received it, you would have favour’d me with a Line before now. I am doubly unhappy about this affair, between the disappointment of not hearing from You, and the fear of my Letter having fallen into other Hands. If You receive this as I hope you will, I beg most earnestly you will not retard writing that I may know as soon as possible if my former Letter went safe: and You will oblige me much by informing me if I have directed this quite right. I have thought of a method by which it appears to me I cannot fail receiving Yours, which is, if you will be so obliging to enclose your Letter (Seal’d and Directed for me) in a Blank Cover with the underwritten Direction on it. Excuse Dear Sir my being so troublesome and believe me to be with the greatest Gratitude and Respect Your most oblig’d and most humble Servant

Mary Ann Davies.

ps My Sister does not know of this Letter no more than of that I troubled You with last April for the Reason I explain’d in the said Letter: therefore I must beg you will not mention to any one in Paris having heard from me. A Monsieur Monsieur Filippo Mingoni Firenze Toscana.