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Who is an armonica supplier?

Date: 1782, Jul 25
From: Faesh
To: BF
PBF: 37:676–7

Jacques-Alexandre-César Charles (1746–1823), once a petty functionary in the finance bureau, was inspired by reading BF's work to learn the elements of experimental physics and in 1781 began offering a public course of lectures. His eloquence and the precision of his experimental demonstrations attracted a wide audience, including members of the Academy of Sciences and BF himself on at least one occasion.

(Original French is below)


I heard at the home of Mr. Charles, Demonstrator of Physics, an armonica, belonging to Sr. Hulmandel, Professor of Music, who assured me that is was your Invention; I was enchanted and I die of desire to have my own; but despite all my research, I can not get one; would you the supplier kindly indicate the means of possessing of a musical instrument like it, more delightful than any I know in the world? I would be infinitely obliged to you.

I have honor to be, with most respectful consideration, Sir, your very obedient servant,



J'ay entendû chez Monsr. Charles, Démonstrateur de Phisique, un harmonica, apartenant au Sr. Hulmandel, Professeur de musique, on m'a assuré qu'il était de vôtre Invention, j'en ay été enchanté & je meurs d'Envie d'en posséder un pareil, mais malgré toutes mes recherches, je n'ay encore pû me le procurer, oserais-je vous Suplier de vouloir bien m'indiquer les moyens de parvenir à la possession d'un Semblable Instrument de musique, le plus Délicieux que je Connaise au Monde, Je vous en aurai une obligation infinie.

J'ay l'honneur d'être avec la plus Respectueuse Considération Monsieur! Vôtre très obeissant Serviteur.