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"...he had the patience to listen to me play..."

Date: 1780, Dec 10
From: BF (Passi)
To: Madame Brillon (Passi)
PBF: 34:145

André–Noël Pagin (1721–after 1785) was a violinist and composer.

(Original French is below.)

Mr. Pagin did me the honor of visiting me yesterday. He is undoubtedly one of the best possible men; because he had patience to listen to me play an Air on the Harmonica & to hear it until the end.

M. Pagin m'a fait l'honneur de me visiter hier. C'est assurement un des meilleurs hommes possibles; car il a eu la patience de m'entendre jouer un Air sur l'Harmonica & de l'entendre jusqu'a la fin.