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"...I have not yet been able to procure one"

Date: 1766, Apr 28
From: BF (London)
To: Jonathan Williams (Boston)
PBF: 13:253

BF still unable to obtain an armonica for Cousin Josiah.

Dear Cousin:


I did not forget the Armonica, for Cousin Josiah. but with all my Endeavours I have not yet been able to procure one. Here is only one Man that makes them well, his Price no less than 34 Guineas, asks 40. I bid him 100 Buineas for three; he refus'd it. I then agreed to give him the 34 Guineas for one. He promis'd to make it now a 12 month since, I have call'd on him often 'till I am tir'd, and do not find he has yet done a Glass of it. If I could have got this, Josiah should have had it, or mine. But I fear it will not be got at all. And I hope his waiting till my Return, tho' it may seem long, will be no Disadvantage, as all his Improvement on the Organ in the meantime will go towards his better playing on the Armonica when he gets it.