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"[T]he Blewroom has the Armoneyca"

Date: 1765, Oct 6–13?
From: Deborah Franklin (Philadelphia)
To: BF (London)
PBF: 12:294

The armonica in their new house:

[N]ow for the room we Cale yours thair is in it your Deske the armonekey maid like a Deske a large Cheste with all the writeings that was in your room down stairs the boxes of glases for musick and for the Elicktresatecy and all your close and the pickters as I donte drive nailes leste it should not be write[.]


[T]he Blewroom [the "Blue Room", the music room] has the Armoneyca and the Harpseycord in it the Gilte Sconse a Carde tabel a seet of tee Chaney [china] I bought sens you wente from home the worked Chairs and Screen a verey hansom mohoganey Stand for the tee kittel to stand on and the orney mental Chaney but the room is not as yit finished for I think the paper has loste much of the blume by paisteing of it up thair-fore I thought beste to leve it tell you Cume home[.]