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"Glasses from London"

Date: 1764, Nov 3
From: BF (Philadelphia)
To: Jonathan Williams
PBF: 11:426–427

BF had apparently undertaken to have an armonica made for Williams' son, Josiah, a blind young man with musical aspirations. In this letter BF notes that the case and spindle have been completed (in Philadelphia), but decides it would be better to have a complete instrument made in London.

Loving Kinsman,

The Case of the Armonica came home to Night, and the Spindle with all the rest of the Work seems well done. But on farther Consideration, I think it not worth while to take one of them to London to be fitted with Glasses as we intended. It will be better to send you one compleat from thence, made under my Direction, which I will take care shall be good. The Glasses here will serve for these Cases when I come back, if it please God that I live to return, and some Friends will be glad of them.